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Why do we choose Maflyxda Livestream euipment?

September 21, 2023

Why do we choose Maflxda livestream equipment?


Choosing the right livestream equipment is crucial for delivering a high-quality and engaging livestreaming experience. Here is our features of Maflxda livestream equipment.


1) High Video and Audio Quality- Livestreams with poor video and audio quality can deter viewers. High-quality equipment ensures clear visuals and crisp sound, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Maflxda livestream, equipment adopts Tiangui Genio 1200 (MT8395) high-performance 8-core processor, and 48M high-definition high-speed live sports camera, making the image more realistic, near and far focus millisecond switch.


2) Professionalism-Shenzhen qunan technology cor is a manufacturer for livestream equipment in China. It has professional team and designers and engineers for livestream equipment and adopts advanced technology to produce best livestream equipment. Its broadcasting machine is a leading seller, exported to North America, Asia and Europe.


3)Versatility Maflyxda Livestream supports green screen keying, virtual background switching (with the green screen to create an exclusive background, and also can change the background according to demand). Plus, it also has picture-in-picture function, (live personnel appear in the lower right corner of the screen (adjustable position and size, the screen shows the virtual background.) 


4)  Customization Maflyxda Livestream equipment can be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose cameras, microphones, and accessories that match your content and style.


5) Viewership Good equipment can help attract and retain viewers. Engaging content combined with superior technical quality can lead to higher viewership and more engagement.


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